The 1977-1978 Invincibles PHOTOS

Some photos of the 1st XV match against St Josephs in the 77/78 season sent in by Phil Anthistle in June 2020. Phil writes:

"The 77/78 season was very successful, the 1st XV winning all their games, including a half-term tour up north and two end-of-season games against two well-known London school teams.  Although there was no "Janus" for this year (I never found out why) John Morris, the 1st Team coach (and Housemaster of Halls House), subsequently sent a letter to all the 1st Team members describing the season and results, in a similar vein to a "Janus" entry. 

Unfortunately, the method for producing copies at that time involved skins and being printed on to A4 paper, and the copy I had faded somewhat, making it difficult to read.  I have a suspicion that it has not survived; however, I have some other school material somewhere so it could be with that. I will keep looking.

Perhaps if John Morris is still around he may have the original. One of the 1st XV members may also have a copy safely stashed away somewhere? The photos were taken by Adrian J. Murray (Corners - 71 to 78) as part of his Photography 'A' Level.  He took many photos that day, some of which were too blurred to use, some coming out really well.  I only bought and paid for the ones I was interested in.  Remember there were no digital photos back then.  Again, perhaps if Adrian looks in on your website he may be able to scan in many of the other photos he took - if he still has them.

To the match then; it was in the Winter Term up on the 1st XV pitch on Church Field.  We did win the game but I can't for the life of me recall the score."