Archery Memoirs

Harvey Angel: "Looking at the archery pictures on the Archives site, and judging by the arses on this one, they were (from left to right) Peter Cox, Pavan Segal, John Young and Dave Franklin."

Mark Dempsey: "Blimey, Harvey, that's good work. I seem to recall that Graham Syrett was involved in archery , too. Must have been some way of making a financial gain from it!!"

Louis Parperis: "I had thought it was Cox, too, but it was Waters who had supervised archery when I did it in the Third and Fourth forms. The understandable miscolouration of Cox’s hair threw me, but Harvey has an advantage over the rest of us in being able to identify people by their backside ......."

Harvey Angel: "You're losing your Wikipedia memory talent, Louis. That's definitely Peter Cox. He supervised all our archery sessions. The arses are very easy to recognise, because they're all from my House and year."

Jon Kemp: "In our day, archery was taken by Dick Rabjohn, maths teacher and assistant house master of Corners. There were some very basic fibreglass bows used by beginners and a few better ones for the seniors. Rabjohn taught us to draw the bow by clamping the end of the arrow between two knuckles. That never made sense to me."

Chris Snuggs: "What puzzles me is that there was archery at school during my years but I know (or remember) absolutely NOTHING about it either seeing it or hearing of it."

Jon Kemp: "It was usually just 5 or 6 boys meeting up one afternoon a week on Orwell Side. I dare say, not everyone knew about shooting either."

Chris Snuggs: "Well, it shows what a limited bubble I was living in ..... for what it's worth, I strongly feel that archery is a noble English tradition and a treasured part of our heritage as epitomised for me in particular by one of my favourite films, "The Adventures of Robin Hood" with Errol Flynn. The English archer was known and feared through the Middle Ages!"

Pavan Segal: "Dear colleagues from WHS ! Just to update : am now retired (since 2013) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where any WH Old boys are welcome to contact in case of visit etc. Regarding archery: was a very enjoyable part of the 6th form summer months, apart from the whacks received on the left inner arm from the bow string from time to time. love to all xxx."