NEW MATERIAL HIGHLY WELCOME - and there are TWO categories:

a) transient stuff which does not need targeted locating under a particular heading
       For this, please either: a) mail it to or UPLOAD it on this site in one of the "Comments" pages:

b) material for permanent location in the appropriate place on this site
       Please mail it to me as above or upload it HERE where I will quickly find it.

A) You have a scanner or access to one?
  • Please send material in as high a resolution as is practicable: 900 pixels vertically if possible.
  • Please include details for a caption: who, what, where, when etc ...

I am working to screen resolution of minimum 1680x1050 and convert photos to 900 pixels vertically where possible. Photos of that size more or less fill the screen vertically.

The site is NOT intended to be used with phones and tablets!

Frankly, to get the best out of this site you need at least a 17" screen.
  • For most photos, jpg format is best for photos, but gifs are OK for small graphics.
  • Please avoid other formats if possible, since they have to be converted to jpg anyway.
  • TIFFs are especially bad news, being enormous and intended for paper photography.
  • In general, you don't need more than 200dpi for a decent photo on the web, but ...
  • ... experiment to produce an ideal compromise between sharpness and file size
  • In any case, I keep on disk all the originals I'm sent and only put smaller-sized versions on-line. So, in the distant future somebody can convert the site to full-sized, 3D, enhanced, wall-sized versions!!
B) You don't have a scanner or easy access to one?
  • Send me the stuff by letter post!
  • You can send paper photos, negatives or slides.
  • You'd better mail me to check first in case I get too much to handle all at once from too many people!
  • I'll undertake to return your originals as soon as possible.