Kev Smith - unknown: "Hi we looked behind the shelving unit in the orangery and found this letter, wondering if anyone recognises the names?"

Roger Friend - Berners/Johnstons 58-63: "With the 1d South West African stamp, could it have been put there when it was a Royal Navy establishment?”

Eric Coates - Corners 57-64: “Pre Woolverstone Hall for sure - Nautical School or WW2 billet.If Halls and Cobb were teaching staff then I’d go for Nautical school c49 or 50 as one of the houses was named after a Mr Halls who left soon after the LCC instituted the grammar school in 51.

Halls is a rather unusual name and the house we knew in WHS days was properly written Halls’. It would have been housed in a Nissen hut until 1957 when it was later in the building (along with Johnston’s) that was demolished in favour of the theatre etc.

The SWA stamp is from 1927 - so almost certainly from a collection. (They were quite common in the cheap bundles of stamps that collectors could buy when I collected in the 50s - I’m sure I had one! In those days many countries made far more stamps than the postal service needed to make an income from the enormous collectors’ market).”

Mark Frost - Hansons 70-77: “Apparently the stamp was issued between 1931-40. Could easily have been used after that date, so as Roger Friend says most likely an LNS relic. Alan Rawlinson may be able to help? I have PM'ed Alan Rawlinson with a copy.”

Harvey Angel - Hansons 64-71: “Mark has the dates about right - c1931. If you steam it off, it's worth about a £1.”