Chris Hopkirk (Halls 72-79) re John Percival (Orwell 56-??)

"I was fortunate to have met John and got to know him quite well after school and ultimately sadly went to his funeral in the early 90s. This was such a long time ago now but I do remember him so well as someone very intelligent, smart, humorous, entrepreneurial, wildly talented with the ability to take on anything. The most amazing things was that he ran a employment agency in Holborn and in approx 1979 because of a chance meeting with Tim Hegarty, my class and house mate (Halls) he ended up being the go-to person for temp jobs for us Woolvo boys in the holidays. Later on in the early 1990s I again caught up with him and was briefly involved in his business once again until he sadly passed away from heart disease I believe. A great example of how Woolvo produced great people from difficult backgrounds."