Welcome to this little site about the 2013 WHOBA reunion at Woolverstone Marina, Sat. August 17th, 2013. This was a rather special occasion, since it was the 10th anniversary of the reunions that Peter Brown, Mike Bysh, Jim Atkinson and I launched in 2003. (2003 reunion site)

We were able to hire the main function room of the newly-built RHYC down at the Marina, for which many thanks to Peter Brown and the RHYC management.

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The photos have been optimised for LARGE RESOLUTION monitors, typically the 1920x1080 resolution found on modern wide monitors and powerful laptops. If you are viewing on a lower-resolution screen you could try hitting F11, which may help to some extent. The photos have been processed for the internet; if you would like an original, then pls contact me.

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I asked attendees to send me their own photos for inclusion, but have so far received none - or indeed material for the feedback and news/anecdotes sections (which are therefore a bit threadbare!) However, it is not too late and I can always incorporate some material retrospectively.

All best wishes                                                                          Chris Snuggs - 5 September, 2013