The WHOBA BARGE CRUISE - Sunday August 22, 2010

This was a social occasion rather than a photoshoot; nevertheless David Holmes and I did take a few photos, Jo Briggs not having his large, sensitive and powerful device with him on this occasion. We were once again lucky with the weather; the menacing clouds that dawn revealed gave way to a sunny sky by the time we set off at 11:00. A few spots of rain as we returned for tea at the RHYC did not dampen our spirits.

NEW OLD BOYS on this year's cruise were: David Holmes, Jim Beverley, Terry Car, John Holland, John Sims, Arthur Thomas, David Ashton & Ray Walker.

I myself apologize for:
  • the shirt
  • not highlighting and presenting the new cruisers very well
  • not finding the time to talk to everyone personally
  • not helping to organise the Barge Choir, which Mannfully gave an improvised rendering     of "Gaudeamus Igitur", nobly assisted by Barry Salmon & Merlin Channon
  • Nevertheless, a jolly good time seemed to be had. It was very good to see once again Old Boys from previous barge trips. On the other hand, we greatly missed a number of old friends and teachers, some now passed away.

    The cruise has always been a biennial event; we'll see in a year's time whether the interest is there for another one. Terry Carr and others showed great interest in a project to gather and collate stories and anecdotes about the school. This is already catered for to some extent in the "Memories" section of the website, but perhaps this could be taken further. I personally will give this some thought and if anyone else has any thoughts pls share them.

    Thankyou for your support for the cruise, and finally, a personal thanks to Peter Brown, Fred Moughton and Mike Bysh for their inspiration, encouragement and practical input in organising the event.

    Chris Snuggs