BARGE CRUISE - August 2006 - Hint: Hit "F11" for maximum viewable screen .....
The Butt
Ian Suter
Ron Vizard
Harvey Angel
The Thistle
Graham Lewis
Neil Hewitt
Roger Crout
Mrs Vizard
Mr Mrs Bill Shine
Pin Mill
Dennis Driver
Dee Hewitt
Chris Fuller
Geoff Smith
Mr Mrs Shine 2
Barry Salmon
Peter Brown
Eric Coates
Chris Fuller 2
Mrs Smith
Mrs Shine
Mike Coulter
Mike Bysh
Family Coates
Mrs Kay Fuller
Fred Moughton
Chris Snuggs
Merlin Channon
Brian Workman
Family Coates 2
David Harrington
Ian Thompson 1
Chris Snuggs 2
Michael Shakeshaft
Mike Smith
Irene Coates
Jim Allgrove
Ian Thompson 2
George Bicknell
Derek Thornbery
2003 Reunion
2004 Barge Cruise
'05 Barge Dinner
George Bicknell 2
WHS Old Boys Barge Cruise, 6th August 2006 - still photos taken by Jo Briggs - video clips Chris Snuggs

Peter Brown & Mike Bysh