Here are a few images of Central London as it was on that sunny day in August 2003 when I met up with Peter Rose for the first time since the end of the summer term in 1963. Peter had been in most of the school rugger and cricket teams with me all the way up the school to the fifth form. He was in Johnston's, and I in Halls, and we were often housematch rivals as well as school teammates.

He was a terrific sportsman at school, with a wonderful eye. One rugger memory in particular stands out for me. He was playing fly-half (a position I secretly coveted, but he had a better sidestep than me) and I was centre. The ball came whizzing out to Adil Cowan at scrumhalf and into Peter's hands. The Woodbridge line had raced up, and Peter sold the most enormous dummy, whereupon my opposing centre, completely fooled by Peter's sleight of hand, tackled me at full tilt while Peter raced off towards the tryline. He got the glory and I took the punishment!

Sadly for me and the rest of his mates, he left after the fifth form, so we never played first team rugger or cricket together. Nevertheless, he left an indelible mark on me as a terrific sportsman and chum. After Woolverstone he went into business consultancy, lived in various countries and developed firm opinions about all sorts of things!!

We met up by the London Eye, had a walk along the river, lunched in a pub, and as I had the family in tow I dragged him off to Tower Bridge. We didn't really have time for a long chat about the old times, but it was nonetheless terrific to see him again after forty-two years. I hope it won't be the last time. Maybe December this year?