Chris Nial (Hansons 1965 to 1972) writes:

Hi Chris - sent you a couple of photos of my old school cap, unearthed when looking for some paper archive material to send you.

This was my second cap; the first one was new in 1965, and is probably still in the English Channel, having blown off when I was on deck on the Sealink ferry heading home to Germany at the end of term.

This one was the later 1967 version supplied by J&J Edwards the school outfitters, who subsequently ceased trading to be replaced by Grimwades Ltd. who suffered the same fate and whose shop still stands empty and derelict on the Cornhill in Ipswich.

Chris S: THANKS Chris - a lovely souvenir. Can't remember what I did with mine, only that I wore it as little as possible and got rid of it as SOON as possible! Neither caps nor short trousers suited me AT ALL!

Funnily enough, I can't remember whether or when we were compelled to wear caps, or being disciplined for not wearing one. Nor do I know when - if ever - they ceased to be compulsory! Maybe someone can cap my memories!

Jon Kemp (Corners 1973 to 1980): "The year above us were the first year not to have to wear them. We were the first year not to have to wear shorts."

John Tuddenham: (Hansons 1952 to 1957): "I started in 1952 and never wore shorts."