1958-1959 School Photo (names incomplete!)


small: 900 without names
very large: 2000/2MB with names
Individual images taken from the large photo.
Alan Suffling & Richard Waughman
John Mackie & Michael John O'Leary
Khalid Rashid, Mike Bysh, Jo Briggs & Julian Badcock?
Dennis House & Robin Marriott
Edward 'Ted' Gentry & Peter Brown
Commander Wiseman
Chris Webb, Dave Dibbin, Stephen Frost?, Gerald Donaldson?
Jim Hyde, Ben Turner, Peter Josselyn, Merlin Channon
Stan Goetzee, Dr Hassell-Smith, Tombs Thomas, Rev ?????
Stan Goetzee, Dr Hassell-Smith, Tombs Thomas (larger image)
Rev. ?????, Ernie Green, Derek Thornbery
Margorie Shakeshaft (nee Ager)