Jonathan 'Joe' Briggs Memory Corner

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You've heard about it, but didn't believe it. Now you have proof: Joe sailing over the bar in competition.

"Mother Courage" ticket! I was there, too. I saw John Dorling play the lead. Where are the rest of the pics?

Two Woolverstone layabouts laying about - circa 1960?

The Utopian
Jazz Club
mysterious goings-on in the dorm - the associated pics have been censored

A deathly hush falls .....

lineout technique

Joe touches
down against
Surrey Colts, 1963

Joe sweeps majestically into school in the Car Club Morris 8.

Two OBs & a mystery woman. (Aren't they all a mystery?)

Chris Fuller & Joe Briggs auditioning for "The Blues Brothers"

Jonathan's second car used for Sunday excursions

There's that
car again!

TTCYA! Is that Chris
Fuller's elbow?

Andy Wood
- cool, Man