WHS LEGENDS (before and/or after school)
(work in progress - lots more to come .....
feel free to nominate someone along with the reasons)
Chris Webb
Hansons 57-64
Sean Kelleher
Hansons 69-76
Adrian Thompson
Johnstons 71-79
Glynne Thomas
Halls 57-62
Dave Waight
Corners 65-72
the 70-71 1st XV
Thomas Newsham
Johnstons 54-59
James Cottrell
Orwell 62-69
Nigel Fletcher
Halls 53-61
Phil 'Ugg' Davies
Berners 61-68
Bill Coutts
Johnstons 52-59
Nusrat Nazeer
Berners 60-67
Ian McCulloch
Corners 51-57
Brian Workman
Corners 50-57