photo of Ipswich Docks circa 1970  
WH Then & Now: what's changed, and the tennis courts reworked press article NEW press article in Barry Salmon Collection
Shotley Harbour with photos from Daniel David O.Byrne WALKING to Corners House extra photos of St Michael's Church,. especially INTERIOR
TOTALLY REVAMPED section on Pin Mill Erwarton Hall "Regrets": COMPENDIUM article by Chris Snuggs
UPDATED biography page of WHS Old Boy Sir Cedric Delves The Stuart Muswell Collection 12/9/21 NEW GROUP: the ENTRANCE to WH
New view of HEAD's House - with mystery boy Andy Baker on 1985 Estartit Diving trip 16 May 1985 - draft letter of a parent to a newspaper
several new SAILING photos here 1984 IVth Year Lake District trip Dave Sillett's boat
early 80s letter to parents re MUSIC LESSONS April 1980 - ILEA Acceptance Letter Feb. 1985 CRANS-MONTANA Skiing Trip
1980, 1982 & 1983 EXAM RESULTS Various ILEA documents 1980 Welcome letter to new parents
HM Newsletter October 1980 mid to late 80s UNIFORM REGULATIONS April 1980 UNIFORM REGULATIONS DOCUMENT
30/10/84 HM letter to parents (includes exam results) 1983 March letter from Colin Hawes to Form 3 parents PLUS the SYLLABUS NEW CALENDARS & DATES
14/12/84 letter to Orwell parents from Anthony Clifford 14/12/84 HM letter to parents 30/3/81 HM letter to parents
1992 December P.A. Newsletter 1969 P.A. Membership Card (Chris Nial) 1980 P.A. Membership payment receipt
1963 School Fees List 9/3/84 HM letter to parents P.A. Newsletter re Ipswich for new parents
1984 Clotheslist with Prices and a 1980 letter from Grimwades 2 letters from Secretary of the P.A. P.R. Skailes' letter to new Orwell House parents in 1980
a new photo of Jock's grave a new photo of the old swimming-pool John Percival's tribute to WHS in OBA Newsletter of 1990
WHS Discipline Administration (presumed early 1980s) John Percival's newsletter of Sept. 1990 Re the sale of Woolverstone House in 1991
WHS NEWSLETTER issued on 14th December, 1984 Johnstons, Halls & Hansons Houses HM Letter 17th October 1980
new photo of the SICK BAY sign 1992 OB Newsletter "Jack Shephard" (sic), an 80s drama production
two photos of Hansons House in Sept 2021 (Mark Frost) JIm & Enid Hyde at St Michael's Church a new photo of the Butt & Oyster in September 2021
COMPENDIUM: A tribute to Orwell Side COMPENDIUM: Dating Advice! 1969 photo: Ron Tudor, Jean Roussel, Chris Curran
reworked Rugby "Hall of Fame/Legends" Compendium Profile - Kevin Cooper COMPENDIUM: A tribute to Dickie Mayes (CS)
1983: "Rock/Funk/Dub/Blues/Acid Concert" "The Action of the Tiger" 1972? H.M.S. Ganges old site
  COMPENDIUM: tribute to Andy Hunton 1985: "A Midsummer Night's Groove" 1985: "The Real Inspector Hound"
Mark Frost's STAFF CAR QUIZ North Wales Geography trip 1977 COMPENDIUM: Hansons House Dining-room
                           Seating Plan 1970 onwards
new HISTORY section, including record of BUILDING WORK COMPENDIUM: "The Language We Spoke" COMPENDIUM: "The London I came from"
COMPENDIUM: What made WHS special? - CS         -         "Cockey's Eton"? NO, WHS was BETTER than Eton - CS et al on Facebook
two new photos of the Berners cellars AUDIO FILE from "School for Spies" 1972 A Tribute to Ipswich High School
COMPENDIUM: Religion at WHS - CS 4 photos taken from the Berners roof SEX Education at WHS
List of FILMS SHOWN as recorded in available calendars Bedmaking & Hospital Corners! COMPENDIUM: Teaching Approaches (CS)
Calendar for Spring 1982 from Mark Umhoefer    
New section on Freston Tower The 1937 Leslie Marsh WH Sale Catalogue New photo of Derek Thornbery
The England Cricket XI at WH in 1899 revamped section on photos of "Clubs" revamped section on Andrew Szepesy in "Famous Old Boys"
March 2021
"A Brief History of WH" (1994) by Barbara Searle The Death of Patrick Richardson (FB) new photo of the stables area
Andrew Szepesy section in Famous Old Boys Andrew Szepesy on John Smitherman The 1937 Marsh Catalogue of the sale of WH to the LCC
mystery holiday group enlarged sailing pic of Stretch in whaler photo of Tony Boys Chris Snuggs visit to Tony in Japan
Updated ILEA "Contact" Magazine article of 1975 enlarged photo of Shakeshafts' wedding new sailing photo
1963 "Sunday Times Magazine" article on WHS "Janus" contributions by Andrew Szepesy 1977 SPORTS DAY REPORT
Feb 2021
a tribute to Hamilton Hugh Berners, owner of Jock the Dog 1973-1974 "SPORTS REPORT" publications 1973 SPORTS DAY REPORT
The Philip Flannery Collection: rugby, DofE & Odds New SCHOOL REPORTS from Neil Gilbert ONE photo of 1987 Annecy trip
Jan 2021
early 60s KITCHEN MENU Alastair Wright & Peter Smurthwaite EIGHT 1st XV teamsheets from 77/78 season
THIRTEEN of 62/63 first issues of "Number" from Amanda Swift 1963 FEES list 1963 CLOTHING list
New material on Peter Donaldson - RUGBY TEAMSHEET from Steve Berry
- 1st XV 26 Nov. 1977
2003 - views of and from the Orwell on Peter Brown's yacht
SEVEN SPEECH DAY PROGRAMMES from 1952 to 1962 1983 Blues/Acid Concert  
Group with Simon Crees & Wayne Rice Group with Simon Patterson at Pin Mill Jon Bulpet, Dave Beckett, Mark Howell & Jan Newell-Lewis
1978 Newsletter Group with Felix Schroer Group with Graham Lewis 1963
1981 report from Richard Merghani Terry Carr & The Sports Store in 1961 'A' Level Geography trip to Capel Curig in Snowdonia
two new photos of Ipswich (Mark Frost) COMPENDIUM: The Assembly-Hall COMPENDIUM: Diana & the Orwell View
new photo of Corners House in 1975 - from Eric Coates 51 or 52 pic of boys off on swimming trip new collection of photos of front of school area
NEWLY-DISCOVERED OB NEWSLETTERS Ground Floor plan of Halls House NUMEROUS OB newsletters post-WHS
two new athletics photos:      ONE      TWO two new sailing photos:    ONE    TWO three group photos:   ONE    TWO    THREE
COMPENDIUM article on The Parents' Association COMPENDIUM article on Ipswich updated photos of the demolition of Johnstons House
reworked STAFF pages with lists of ALL STAFF revamped OW site including
1971 Parents' Association Guide to Ipswich
WHS LEGENDS while STILL AT SCHOOL I played in the same team as Phil Davies! COMPENDIUM article on Halls House in early 60s
Lists of Houses & Boys' starting years COMPENDIUM"School Uniform"
List of ALL WHS TEACHERS, YEARS and ROLES (pdf) COMPENDIUM: The WHS Laundry Service  
1965 Woolverstone Park Team Photo with NAMES 1989 Report on Closure new article on the 1969 "Carmina Burana"
1986/1987 School Photo COMPENDIUM - "Dickie Mayes" NAMES added to THIS photo
QUIZ: Staff Cars of the 70s 1st XV St Josephs - 1977/1978 (Phil Anthistle) 1982 Autumn Caendar - Luke Tighe


June 2020

COMPENDIUM: "Politics at WHS" COMPENDIUM: "Racism at WHS" improved photo of 1976-1977 Berners House Snr Rugby winners
COMPENDIUM: "Rugby Games Afternoons" COMPENDIUM: "The 1960-1961 Colts" OBITUARY of Felix Schroer
COMPENDIUM: "The Main Field" COMPENDIUM: "Pirate Radio" Famous OB George Hargreaves
COMPENDIUM: "Punishment Lines" 1987 "Guardian" article by Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot COMPENDIUM: "Smoking ...".
retyped G.H.B. letter for "Amahl & the Night Visitors" "The End" - the day WHS died (the ILEA vote) COMPENDIUM: "Sick Bay Treament!!"

May 2020
Additional info re the Stables Famous Old Boys -> Jean-Alain Roussel annotated photo of 6th form flats in Stable Block
Compendium: "The WHS Curriculum" Compendium: "The River Orwell in film" Compendium article about "FOOD"
Compendium: "Bullying" COMPENDIUM: Louis Parperis - "WHS in the Sixties" 2010 press article by Jonathan Gornall - Corners 66 to 73
Sept. 2019 photo of Dick Woollett's old history room reworked photo of David Clark reworked photo of boys at 10 Downing Street
new larger cedar tree XMAS card reworked Parents Card 1994 IHS leaflet about main house 1970 Summer Calendar
a Woolverstone History leaflet Summer 1968 Calendar Autumn 1968 Calendar 1969 Spring Calendar 1968 Summer Calendar
New press article about Victorian Woolverstone New press article about Inspectors' Report in 1985 1971 6th Form Review leaflet
New RUGBY STATISTICS (Summaries v ind. Schools) WHS v Wymondham College - winning margins 3 OBs at Woodbridge Rugby Club in 2016
The STOWE EXCHANGE of 1965 Barry Salmon & Jim Hyde - two WHS legends Page on Peter Josselyn - English Teacher from 1956 to 1962
new section on STAFF STATISTICS reworked pages of 2001 visit to school redesigned section of 2016 WHS/IHS reunion
Apr 2020
The 1963-1964 1st XV the 1965 intake rugby match records Colin Hawes' History of the Berners Estate for 20th anniv. "Janus"
"Football at WHS" - CS pdf List of ALL 1st XV Match Results in "Janus" New RUGBY STATISTICS page
1975/1976 Eastern Counties Schoolboys team 1985 "A Midsummer Night's Groove" concert Louis Parperis' selection for Eastern Counties 19 Group
COMPENDIUM: "A Visit to the Sick Bay" (CS) COMPENDIUM: My Traveling Scholarship (CS) NEW "WHS MYSTERIES" page  -  (ALTERNATIVE VERSION)
Madrigals Concert from Scilly Isles trip in 1976 Improved photo of 1956 Under 13s a poem by Harvey Angel about the WHOBA Committee
Personal WHS Story Page 1978 Halls House photo 1978 Corners House photo
School Assemblies & Jim Hyde 1959 Johnstons House rugby squad 1972 intake D of E Gold Award ceremonies (look right)
new SAILING photo found COMPENDIUM Articles by Chris Snuggs & David Waterhouse
mystery rugger action man 1982 U14 rugby team collated photos of the MARINA
Jan 2020
Richard Merghani commendation for Biology! New section for DOMESTIC STAFF (incl Rosa Weekes) Ron Scarpello & Roger Friend in 1958/1959
John Tuddenham in 1954 Andrew Szepesy in "Janus" - 1952 to 1958 3 new architects' drawings of St Michael's Church
The Original Grading System Explanation! Chris Nial's cap! Chris Snuggs in shorts & cap - circa 1959
Sep 2019
MYSTERY PHOTOS TO IDENTIFY FOUR PICS of Benjamin Britten when he visited the school in the 50s for a production of "Noye's Fludde" THE WHS COMPENDIUM
a vaccination card more views of the main house the long-lost obelisk
Aug 2019
1976 "Janus" Some views of Orwell Side today INTAKE photos -    A) Hansons     B) Johnstons
Jun 2019
a new photo of Diana    
May 2019
new photos of Corners House new photos of The Ice-House a mid-50s ceremony in the Assembly Hall
Mar 2019
Michael Shakeshaft Funeral Programme Michael Shakeshaft Photo Collection 1969 "Janus"
Dec 2018
A Christmas Oratorio from 1956 various music concert programmes from 50s/60s  
TWO music concert programmes from 56-57 FOUR music concert programmes from 57-58 2 new photos from "Amahl & the Night Visitors"     TWO
How Barry Salmon came to Woolverstone Hall! a new press article on "Amahl & the Night Visitors" A new school Prospectus and reworked pages
Irene Chaplin, longtime Chairwoman of Governors Dick Woollett Era school prospectus An new press article on the 1959 Open Day concert
ALL FOUR WHS music teachers! the LAST WHS NEWSLETTER - summer 1989 Dick Woollett's 80th birthday
Nov 2018
Woolverstone Hard in 1962 another SAILING photo rugger team: possibly 5960 2nd XV
many new old exam papers ..... LARGE photo of John Smitherman New photo of boys on Orwell Side
Miscellaneous Music Photos & Document NEW Under 13s XI from Dave Lewis VERY LARGE photos of "Amahl & the Night Visitors"
Sample "Year Card" (Chris Snuggs) reworked programme for Ceremonial Opening 1959 redesigned pages for "The Bartered Bride"
Oct 2018
"Janus" Spring 1960 1959 School Photo  
Sept 2018
Barry Salmon's music for "Mother Courage" 1962 Eastern Counties rugger team 1975/76 reworked copy of 1977 "Janus" from Paul Collis
New pics & rejig of "Amahl and the Night Visitors" Three new SAILING photos:     ONE     TWO    THREE Two HISTORY Club Photos
Inter-House Music Competition 1975 Christmas Oratorio 1967 Prizegiving Concert 1969
"The Messiah" 1964 "The Messiah" 1971 Speech Day Concert 1968 / Speech Day Concert 196
"See How They Run" staff farce 1967 1955 and 1961 LONG SCHOOL PHOTOS (NEW) MOST LONG SCHOOL PHOTOS RESCANNED
Aug 2018
"A Concert" with the Ipswich Convent School 1971 new press article on "The Quarry" 1969 Inter-House Music Competition 1976
Music Circle Concert 1972 reworked "The Business of Good Government" 1963 press article added to "The Emperor's New Clothes" 1965
Programme for "Rock Prom" 1978 Programme for "Rock Prom" 1981 reworked pages for "Carmina Burana" 1969
NEW programme & design for "Coriolanus" 1964 NEW programme for "Let's Make An Opera" 1967 Programme for "We Are Not Amused" 1970
13 seconds of video of the swimming-pool in 1964 SEVEN Orwell House Concert Programmes TWO Johnstons House Concert Programmes
Improved COLOUR version of "1968 Festival" prog. 1972 21st ANNIVERSARY "JANUS" ISSUE NEW VERSIONS of "Janus" summer 63 & 65, 70,71 & 75
"Janus" Winter 1963 (from Jim Cottrell) "Diana" magazine - issue number 2 a LARGE PRINT version of the item left!
July 2018
The QUEEN visits the Shotley Peninsular : 1961 New CALENDARS from 1970 & 1972 (from NIGEL RICE)
A new AERIAL VIEW of WHS in 1957
(pls notify me
of any errors)
Press report on match v the Navy - circa 1976
Press report first ever match re Gresham's School
1971 Letter from John Smitherman
June 2018
The "Janus" History of FENCING & Archery at WHS The Young Farmers' Club in "Janus" an envelope addr. to Siegfried Hahn from 1964
Corners rugger match - mid 60s FB discussion about Felixtowe and crazy bike rides Corners, Halls & Orwell House Histories in "Janus"
May 2018
Suffolk Schools U15s 7s competition: March 1981 Ian McEwan talks about Woolverstone & Neil Clayton Cover Page & Comments for "Crime & Punishment" '68
New "RUGGER MEMORABILIA" PAGES 1980 U15s team members & results 1982 1st XV results
Neil Clayton gives a talk to the Ipswich Society SIXTH FORM REPORTS from 57 to 59 Colts XV of 1972
Under XIVs of 7576 The Old Burghley Road School in Kentish Town New press article on 1971 1st XVs v Colchester
IMPROVED images of 1969 "Quarry" programme NEW programme for "The Emperor's New Clothes" New PROGRAMME NOTES for 1968 July Festival
New "FACEBOOK COLLOCATIONS" section Berners House ROOM USAGE (ONLINE editable xlsx) Players named in 77 or 78 rugby team
NEW SECTION: "My Story" -> Christopher L. Garvie "My Story" -> Robert Peeling "Diana", a school magazine
Mike Draper joins the "Famous Old Boys" group 1957 rugger team photo uprated with names NEW SPREADSHEETs: Berners Rooms & Housemasters, Assistants and Matrons
photo of rugger star Phil Davies Photos of SCILLY ISLES TRIP 1971 Prince Rupert School, Wilhelmshaven Memorial
revamped pages for "The Bartered Bride" (1961) two nice new photos of WHS from the river Obituary of Leslie Johnston from CH School


Apr 2018

NEW SPREADSHEET for Heads & CAPTAINS Harvey Angel with the Cohen twins a memory of Tony Meager from 1967
2 new photos from "A Disaster" in 1984 Gerry Warren's old flat in "The Courtyard" one entrance to Berners cellars
New article on WHS closure - "The Guardian" 1987 an aerial photo from 1986 from Philip Anthistle G.H. Bailey:   1) a photo         2) his humour
another photo of Diana new photo of Berners facade new programme for 1971 St Passion
"Rugby Hall of Fame" - editable spreadsheet Headmasters' NOTES from "JANUS" new aerial view of school site
Nice photo of Ben ONWUKWE
photo of Stretch in the "In Memoriam" section Marian Dobie headstone NEW JANUSES: from 1953 to 1658
Jim & Enid Hyde's headstone. R.I.P. St Michael's church in April 2018 The Butt & Oyster in April 2018
2008 BARGE CRUISE photos WHS photo of Ben Onwukwu & Kevin Jones WHS photo of Simon Crees & Wayne Rice
NEW SECTION on school uniform
Famous Old Boy pages for Michael Volpe and Ian McEwan
Michael Volpe's article on IHS 25th anniversary History of the WULFSTONE & the Berners Estate Terry Ashcroft's Old School Tie


Mar 2018

two excellent new photos from
"The Emperor's New Clothes" fromy Harvey Angel
TWO NEW JANII from Harvey Angel!:
1963 summer and 1971 winter
completely revised version of Janus, Winter 1961
Barry Clark with the Women's Epee fencing team Barry Clark in a Stan Goatzee whaler crew ORIGINAL programmes for 5 WHS productions from Kingsley Winter (64-71 Halls)
the "Thieves' Vault" with Taffy Evans trio from the 12016 reunion the last EVER WHS rugger team!
The Librarian: an account by Jean Butler new RUGGER ACTION photo section on HMS Ganges
superb new Nissen Hut photo mystery entrance "Disaster '84" - the official programme!  (3 pages)
another LNS photo new SCIENCE class photo pics & history of Freston Tower
1986 Report to Governors a SIXTH photo of Diana another view of Berners facade - an Open Day in 50s?
"Any Budding Sailors?" - Alan Rawlinson's book Mannings Lane photos (2) the tribute to Derek Thornbury
SIX great pics of POP GROUP FOUR new unknown groups:  ONE   TWO   THREE   FOUR Woolverstone Hall in WWII
new SAILING photo two new unknown rugger action pics:   ONE     TWO a superb FENCING team photo
Tribute by Martin Offiah to Derek Thornbury Programme cover of "The Messiah" from 1971 new aerial view of Berners House
1977-1978 1st XV!!! 1968 Corners House Group Photo 50th Reunion Programme
NAMES added to a pic of Corners dining-room NEW NAMES on pic of Dennis Driver putting the shot ..... MUCH IMPROVED photo of John Pirtle and his Mum in 1961
Chaucer's "Prologue to the Canterbury Tales" Another UNKNOWN rugger team. PLS SUPPLY DETAILS!!!! new photo of David NEALE
new photo of Car Club quartet improved b&w photo of Corners Peter Almond chucking a snowball
new large aerial photo of school facade , OS and river rare rugger ACTION pis of Khaled Rashid, Jacky Ponytz and Tony Titshall - find them here in "Action pics" Completely reworked Corners House module
Famous Old Boys: Ken Radford NEWS from Graham Campbell (Corners 66 to 73) now an SNP Councillor! the LANE by Johnstons house to St Michael's Church
Ipswich High School for Girls - aerial plan of school today three new pics of OBs at 50th reunion:   ONE   TWO   THREE STUNNING aerial photo of the contemporary IHS site
two new photos of Mike O'Leary (1959) two pics of Mike O'Leary & Jim Frost (1960) Berners House washrooms
TWO WHOLE SCHOOL PHOTOS FROM Phil BOOKER (previously Gassmann):   1974 (2.37 MB)   &   1977 (4.27MB)
nice new photo of MONKEY LODGE A NEW history of the estate & St Michael's Church The HISTORY of NISSEN huts!
1981 Sports Day VIDEO - for the moment without sound NAMED 1st XI team from 1955 1960s and 1970s brochures (pdf)
360° Panoramic Views of Orwell Side EADT obituary of Dickie Mayes, 15 July, 2013 a familiar signpost!
eleven miscellaneous LARGE photos (includes one of Ian THOMPSON) new archery photo A group on the LAST DAY OF THE SCHOOL
mystery couple at the school dance Angela Bailey, AT WHS and AFTER WHS Richard Woollett (the ONLY one of him)
new section on "FAMOUS OLD BOYS":
first entries: Sir Cedric Delves & Ben Owjukwe
article about "Carmina Burana" in 1969 rejigged & additional pics of 50th anniversary reunion 2001
two boys at the pool

reworked "WHS in the Press" section

additional school photos
a view of the pavilion drinks time during some kind of ceremony - looks like 50s improved photo from 1951
34 photos of POP in the later years new photo of boys in library a larger TUCK SHOP photo
SEVEN new photos of unknown individuals (post 1960?) three new sailing photos (no details!) another DINING-ROOM photo
route and FB discussion about old X-country route completely reworked rugger photos new LARGE mid 50s sports lesson on main field
Ian Rose & Dennis Lingard two fine photos from the old swimming-pool three Christmas cards
two new mystery rugger teams:    ONE     TWO Mr Johnston's amazing Rolls-Royces a new YACHT photo
Two new photos of the OLD HARD:   ONE   TWO lots of new material from LNS days various groups
new CAMPING photo new Old Boy photos from 2016 reunion 1967 athletics photo from Iain Turner
Mrs Weekes, I think, plus two boys .....