2016 Reunion at invitation of IHS (table of events)
2004 Austin Farrar - a historical footnote inventor of sailing gear - based in Woolverstone
1991 The Sale of Woolverstone House
1981/1983 Report & Commendations for Richard Merghani Richard Merghani
1977 Disco Advertising! from Mark Frost
1974 Report Card Cover Terry Johnson R.I.P.
1970 Mark Frost's letter home
1970 WHS vaccination record card
1965 A Year Card sample Chris Snuggs
1964 - the Berners facade drawn by Harvey Angel.  
1964 6th Form Prize for Arts - Chris Snuggs I chose "The Western Intellectual Tradition", but I preferred the "Sherlock Holmes Compendium" I won in year 2!
1964 an envelope of a letter to German Assistant Siegfried Hahn We were lucky in our language assistants.
ca 1962 Weekly menu Amanda Swift
Telegram to Merlin Channon from Benjamin Britten sent to wish all concerned good luck for production of "Let's Make an Opera" in 1959
1957 PUNISHMENT LINES from Mike O'Leary (1957 to 1961)
1957 roughbook cover and timetables
prints of school: ONE TWO probably used on Christmas cards
Woolverstone History leaflet
Report Grading System an incomplete original and a prettified one
Car Club Receipt Jo Briggs
Invitation to the Dance Ian McCulloch
ALL cards (Christmas & other) 3 supplied by Sean Hayward
    Christmas cards (3) including from Chris Nial
The Stowe Exchange an article by Ian MacEwan
"The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales" as taught by Patrick Hutton
standing order form for WHOBA contributions from Mike O'Leary
a poem by Harvey Angel about the WHOBA Committee!
1967 Jean Butler, Librarian a personal account by Jean Butler
My life since Woolverstone Steve Johnston in 2002
A comment on the school, its nature, changes and OBs Jim Atkinson in 1999
A Tribute to Jim Hyde Mark Hyde