The Plight of the Phoenix R. Bryan
When I rule the world G. McCauliffe
One plus one plus one R. Skinner
Hell and Heaven D. Teclaff
Amazing? S. Halling
The Hunter P. Cooper
Winter Equinox R. Bryan
1) Ladd  2) Mop C. Millinship
This Ireland - or that? Anon
Man Backwards The W. Sullivan
1) Second Innings  2) Poem A. Halling
Poem T. Hegarty
Poem G. Towells
It's no joke living without you A. Halling
Depression E. Kentish
Ode to a friend P. Franklin
A Poem S. Halling
Omega P. Franklin
Disparity N. Quinn
That's how it is Anon
"X" I. Saul
A Madness E. Kentish
So when you die P. Towells
Before P. McAdams
Sleep Anon
Floating through the aire K. Sharp
Political Thought P. Nelson
Song 2 N. Sibley
Poetic Justice P-P. Cutler
A Poem S. Halling
Song N. Sibley
Homesickness S. Marchant
The Seagull S. Thurgood
Poem J. Cox
Poem G. Towells
One Evening C.H. Eng
Josh C. Conroy
Poem J. Mitchell
Windmill S. Wright
Ode to the Hesperus C. Cowap
Oh to be a happy tree Anon
Poem Anon
Sunset God I. Bryant