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Most schools have a magazine, but of the many I have seen "Janus" was one of the very best. For 26 years it gave a remarkably full and interesting record of a remarkable school.

  • The wide range of events were recorded almost entirely by those who took part in them.
  • Many editions contained memorable articles by the likes of John Smitherman, Leslie Johnston, Patrick Hutton, G.H. Bailey, Patrick Richardson, Brian Workman and others: some examples are listed below.
  • It covered a wide range of school activities, including some remarkable articles of original writing.
  • It was not afraid to be controversial, with occasional very hard-hitting articles.
  • Editors were not afraid of the occasional humorous contribution, especially in later years.
  • In the pre word-processing/spell-checker era it was remarkably error-free.
  • Many gave up their free time to ensure its timely publication, not least members of school administration.

All those who played a part in its production over the years deserve our huge thanks for their skill, commitment and effort in putting it together. Rosemary Peacock (now Mrs Koch-Osborne) was one such, and in this article represents all the rest - whose names I can add if so advised!

Sadly, it ceased publication in 1977, a victim of a limited budget. A wide variety of other pupil-produced mags. took its place, but they were different animals, even if a lot of fun. Because of its death - a harbinger of the end of WHS itself - our picture of the last years is very patchy, so contributions to the COMPENDIUM from those at the school in those years are particularly welcome. (mail Chris Snuggs here)

From the 1972 20th Anniversary edition

plus: a very small sample of a very large collection of original work
The GOAT of School Magazines!