The Naughty Boys of Woolvo ...... (CS from FB - March 2023 onwards)

Luke Tighe - Berners 77-82: “Back in the day, in the 2nd-3rd years, some of us would wait for Pete Sadler to do a final sweep of the dorms - we would then be up dressed and away, sometimes meeting up with others from other houses and we would go walkabout; head to Pin Mill up to Chelmo and back to school - or another route would be to head along the main road through Woolverstone to the Boot pub and on to the outskirts of Ipswich where the Marina is. At the time it was fun diving into people’s gardens to avoid cars with their full beam - not once did we get caught. We can’t have been the only ones to go walkabout after lights out, but I’m wondering who walked the furthest and managed to get back before morning? We would get back around 03:30 after the Ipswich walk.”

Yestin Linton-Smith - Orwell 70-76: “Happy Memories.”

Mark Frost - Hansons 70-77: “How did you avoid getting spotted once at the bottom of Freston Hill? Nowhere to hide on the foreshore, but presumably not much traffic at 01:00. I feel certain that anyone driving past a group of teenage boys out in the small hours would report that nowadays. (To the police, who would be totally uninterested.....)”

Chris Snuggs - Berners/Halls 58-65: “The statute of limitations is 50 years, so you could still be in line for expulsion, a caning, a slippering, lines or cleaning the Head's car .... The Discipline Committee is studying your case right now ..... You might get a reduced sentence if you snitch on the others ......”

Luke Tighe: “Be happy to pop over to Peter Sadler and clean his Rolls Royce if that helps my case.”

Mark Frost: “Chris Snuggs, as you well know snitching was verboten at WHS. Not only would you suffer the punishment of the teachers, but also your own classmates/housemates. Omerta was the code.”

Robin Skinner - Johnstons 67-74: “We had the Friday night Mad Hatters’ tea party in the nissen hut ... toaster out of masters’ dining-room ... smoking, alcohol ....”

Kevin Cooper - Orwell 80-85: “The last sweep? Remember when KBY was on duty in Orwell (normally off duty at 10:30-10:45pm). The antics of the Ghost run from one end of the dorm to the other without getting whacked tripped and face full of shaving foam. All was quiet: no sign of KBY - then unexpectedly he walked through! He got whacked with pillows shaving foam etc. He had the whole dorm lined up in the corridor, but what could he do? Nothing!”

Simon Rodger - Halls 75-81: “That's brilliant. KBY was a knob.”

Kevin Cooper: “At Christmas - must have been ‘83 - we did skits of members of staff: “BY thinks he’s cool; turned-up collar, what a fool” - all good fun, but he was not amused. He injured his knee skiing in 83 I think - fell off a button draglift.

Omar James-johnson - Hansons 69-74: “I was in Hansons and often we crept out at night and went down to the foreshore and smoked and drank for a few hours. On a few occasions we took canoes from the marina and paddled to the other side of the Orwell. We gave it up after going out on a foggy night and nearly getting killed by a large ship which appeared out of the gloom; we were lucky to get out of its way. Great fun.”

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The Naughty Boys of Woolvo