Junior & Senior Houses .... Dennis Alexander ('57 to '64) et al

Dennis writes: "This is how my house history went: When I came to the school in 1957 new boys were allocated a senior house, mine was Hanson's, but the first two years were to be spent in Junior House. Geographically we were distributed between the Main Building [common room, prep room etc] with dormitories in the Orangery and Nissen huts on Berners side. When, in 1958, the new buildings adjacent to Hanson's were completed to house the kitchens [up to then in a Nissen hut complex in front of what was to become Orwell House], Corner's dining-room and Orwell House, it was decided to split the Junior House into 'Orwell' and 'Berners'.

Orwell was housed in the new building and Berners in the Main Building. 1st and 2nd formers destined for Hansons and Corners went to Orwell and boys destined for Halls and Johnsons to Berners. We still identified with our future houses and, for example, as an Orwell 2nd former I played rugby for Hansons in junior house matches [then for 1st-3rd formers]. In my 3rd year I then went to Hansons where I spent my 3rd and 4th years 1959-1961. At the end of my 4th form it was decided to do away with Junior houses and have six houses with boys from 1st to 6th forms. We were asked to volunteer to change houses and since I hated Hanson's I was first in line and duly transferred to Orwell for my 5th and 6th forms 1961-1964. Generally, Hansons and Corners volunteers went to Orwell and Halls and Johnsons volunteers to Berners, but there were some exceptions and, for example, Douglas Woodgate went from Hansons to Berners and must have an even more complicated house history than me."

Chris Snuggs - Berners/Halls 58-65: "I started at Berners in 1958 and moved to Halls in September 1960. Soon after that (I can't remember HOW soon) some Halls boys who had come with me from Berners to Halls went BACK to Berners when the junior houses were abolished under Mr Bailey. Among those who went back were Richard Waughman and Alan MacKenzie. I also wanted to go but Taffy would not let me! I can't remember (if I ever knew!) HOW those t return were chosen. Did we volunteer or did the Housemaster simply choose?

The Junior & Senior House History
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