The Bus we went to Ipswich on ....

Mark Frost - Hansons 70-77: Driving back from the 70th Anniversary Reunion on Sunday (16th July 2022) I thought I would make a small diversion and check out the Ipswich Transport Museum, located in an old depot on the east side of the town. I knew that there was an old 202 there, which would certainly stir a few memories. The large warehouse was pleasantly cool and before long I found the bus. Below is the exterior plus the lower deck, and the more familiar upper deck.

Saturday last bus about 10.30 pm packed with Ganges sailors and a few Woolvo boys, 5th and 6th form, the air thick with ciggie smoke. Flares were obligatory in the 70s, so the sailors didn’t feel out of place. ‘Half to Woolverstone please’, you said in your highest-pitched voice to the incredulous conductor.

If you are interested in engineering etc the Museum is well worth a visit. I didn’t realise just how important Ipswich was in agricultural / gardening machinery manufacturing from the 18th century onwards. There are a lot of displays from Ransomes and Cranes Foundry, another metal-bashing company.

The museum is entirely staffed by volunteers. I got chatting to one and told him I was at Woolvo in the 70s. Turns out he was a teacher at Woodbridge School who knew Dick Rabjohn (Asst HM in Corners and Maths teacher 1974-90) after he left.

PS If Mark Dempsey is reading this the Museum would like returned the ciggie stubber that you ‘acquired’ as a trophy - you will see one is missing!).
The bus that many of the older boys must have travelled on.
I remember one trip with Ganges boys in their distinctive uniforms.

its replacement,
now on display in
Ipswich Museum

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