There's a Reason the Berners Built Here -   Chris Snuggs 58-65

Built in 1776 for William Berners by the architect John Johnson of Leicestershire, Woolverstone Hall is an outstanding example of English Palladian architecture and is a Grade I listed building while associated buildings are Grade II. The site was obviously chosen for its outstanding natural beauty overlooking the river - something appreciated by WHS boys - even if not as fully at the time as later in life ....

Roger Friend: Incredible. The inner city boys that came to WH were very fortunate to live in such an idyllic location. I regret that I never appreciated what I had at the time.

Michael John O'Leary: Same here! One of the ocean of my regrets!??

Chris Snuggs: I think one sensed it, almost unconsciously, without expressing it or internally formalising it. One kind of accepts everything as "normal" somehow until one is a bit older and has a frame of reference. And the older one gets, the clearer the perspective. From my age now it almost seems miraculous that an urchin from the backstreets of Camberwell could have spend his formative years there.

Bambos Kyriacou: We inner city boys had all of this on our doorstep!

John Walmsley: Super picture. One punishment used to be weeding Diana's garden.

Dee Khanner: Absolutely gorgeous ...

Mehmet Mustafa: Beautiful.

Andrew Wood: Fabulous

Robert Edgar Smith: What happened to Diana’s bow?