Muzak - Mark Frost (Hansons '70-'77)

I don’t know if this subject has been discussed before, but here goes.

I went to the OBs reunion at the school in March 2016. As I got near to Ipswich I tuned the car radio and randomly got a station playing 1970s hits. These just kept coming and as I turned down the drive something from Abba came on.

This of course only added to the Nostalgia fest I was experiencing (see previous posts) and I truly felt transported back in time. I admit I wiped away a tear.

So, if you had to choose up to three tracks which take you back to your youth, AND which have particular WH connections in your mind, fire away. If you want to post a link – great - but if not I am sure we can find / remember them. You may not particularly like the song or the artist, but they should resonate with your time at school. Some info about the WH context would be a bonus.

Mine would be:

1) Pink Floyd – "Time" : I was 14, so this would have been blasting out of a 6th form room in 1973

2) 10cc – "I’m not in love" - "End of the disco" – "Bye Bye"! 1975

3) "Rock the Boat" – Hues Corporation. Bopping around 1974

Chris Snuggs: I was more into classical music at school, but as for pop I did like in particular anything by Buddy Holly (and I was devastated when he died) and The Everly Brothers. "Livin' Doll" by Cliff Richard was great, as was "Love me Do" by the Beatles, but I wasn't caught up in Beatlemania, or indeed with any other pop mania: that came more after school at uni, when I discovered Timi Yuro, Brenda Lee, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan - and IMPO the best-ever group overall (apart perhaps from Dire Straits) The Byrds.