School Calendars - Chris Snuggs (Berners/Halls 58 to 64)

I have managed to process a few school calendars, the latest from Luke Tighe (Berners 77 to 82) - for which thanks, and a few things struck me:

  • They were incredibly important - which is obvious really, but I never really thought about it till now; there is so much in life that one takes for granted.
  • They are very full and detailed - and there were lots of activities going on.
  • It must have taken a hell of a lot of planning and organisation to get them ready for the start of each term.
  • I wonder who collated and designed them? I assume whoever was Deputy-Head at the time, as that would normally be his responsibility.
  • Boys took great pleasure in doodling and graffitti-ing their calendars!!

What calendars we have can be found here:

It would be really nice to ADD to the collection! WHICH of course is where YOU come in! There must be many more lurking in cupboards and drawers ......