The Main Field

One cannot deny that the IHS swimming-pool and sports hall are a huge asset to their school. If only WHS had had such fantastic facilities. I spent many happy hours in the WHS gym, but in truth it was severely limited, especially as regards size and height. For example, WHS was strong in badminton, but you could not play a proper game in our gym. As for swimming we had no facilities at all until the relatively small outdoor pool was built in the mid 60s.

No, the enhanced IHS sports facilities are stupendous, but what is a shame is that the wonderful cricket pitch in front of Berners has been converted to a running track, and indeed partly covered by hockey pitches and tennis courts; logical in their terms, but a shame nonetheless, for that was a beautiful cricket pitch. On a lovely summer's day one could stroll around the boundary and find a nice place to sit and watch the game, usually a school match but often on Sundays a Woolverstone Park match, a team for which Dickie Mayes played.

I have found no information or photos of Woolverstone Park Cricket Club; indeed no records at all. Nor for some reason have any photos come to light, though there must be some out there!