Dick Woollett's old History room

Daniel Dave O'Byrne - Johnstons 67 to 72: Here is a photo I took on a brilliant visit September 2019. I can't quite remember if it's the first floor or second. Whichever it was, the place is kept very well by Ipswich School (who were extremely helpful with my visit arrangements). In my time 67 to 71 these rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors were classrooms. And thank you for all your hard work with the archives - I guess a labour of love for you.

Chris Snuggs - Berners/Halls 58 to 64: Daniel - that is a super photo. I have copied and slightly enlarged and lightened it as seen. That was Dick Woollett's history room when he did his first stint at WHS from 60 to 62 I think it was. Seeing it again I can picture exactly where he had a model of a Saxon fort or some such, on the left near the window. The room is on the first floor off the central lobby near Shakey's flat and overlooking Diana and Orwell Side. (see photos below)

We organised several reunion cruises on the Orwell in the early 2000s and IHS was always extremely cooperative and friendly when we asked if we could visit the premises. We were usually there at the weekends and I never actually met the Head or secretary, but there was a caretaker at the time whose name I forget who could not have been more friendly.

I always associated IHS with pure class when I was at WHS from 58 to 64: the phrase "crême de la crême" comes to mind - and so it continued once they took over the premises. They are very respectful of our time there.

Thank you for your comment. I think that most OBs recognize that WHS was an extraordinary phenomenon whose memory is worth preserving. I certainly feel that way. My experiences there massively influenced my entire life and career. As I age, I still feel in some way that it is "home".