How It All Started - Brian Bass/Ron Gould

 off to Woolverstone - circa 51 - Andy Bullen
Ron Gould is centre with glasses; Brian Jenkins is far right, and somewhere here are also:
"Bunny" Warren, John Scarbrow, "Tubby" Day and George Bicknell

Brian Bass: It had to be 1951 as the article said 160 boys. In 1950 there was only 4 Dorms of 20 boys each.

Ron Gould: Brian, when you and I went in 1950 there were no photographers. We were the vanguard, to see if it could work. For us LNS Woolverstone, was Woolverstone Hall. But the LCC did not make it official until the next year. Hence the newspapers and my younger friend Brian Jenkins in the picture. He was a year behind me at Senior Street Primary School.

1949 was the last full year of LNS. In 1950 the LCC owned it. An 80 ish boy intake for the new Woolverstone Hall.

1951 official opening of Woolverstone Hall. New intake of 1st form and a few into our 2nd form. Almost all new staff under Smitherman. Some LNS staff stayed on. The Purser became Scbool Secretary/Finance Officer

All older students that came to LNS went to other naval schools, like HMS Ganges, up the road.
So officially WH started 1951 but those who came in 1950 felt a bit left out/ignored at "closing time".