The Way we Smelled - Mark Frost - Hansons 70-77

Mark Frost - Hansons70-77: "There are certain smells which remind me of my time at WH. Along with the salty tang of the Orwell at low tide and the whiff of silage or slurry from farms encountered on walks, ‘The Great Smell of Brut’ is one of them. I am not sure what guys at school in the 50s and 60s used (Old Spice to go with the Brylcreem?) but by the 70s there were quite a few products on the market and these were particularly used on Disco nights in the forlorn hope of impressing the gals, together with your cheese-cloth shirt, platform shoes and flares.

If you were the proud possessor of a razor then after shave was a definite requirement, even though it stung and sometimes gave you a rash. The 5th form dorm reeked of spray-on Brut before such events. The more affluent and discerning 6th formers favoured Aramis. Aqua Manda was questionable - no one was certain which gender it was aimed at. A bit non-binary, poncing about smelling like a tangerine. Some of these are still available today, should you feel the urge."

Glynne Thomas - Halls 57-62: “Old Spice surely the longest spray?”

Mark Frost: “Do you mean the oldest product, or the one with the greatest reach?”

Terry Ashcroft - Berners 58-63: ”Still use Tabac!”

Mike Wardell - Berners 58-62: “Ah Aramis, still a favourite of mine.”

Chris Snuggs - Berners/Halls 58-65: “I had long given up hope by the age of 14 of impressing any girls so didn't bother with all that! As for flares, the WHS uniform became a lot more flexible after the 60s."

Michael Moran - Orwell 71-77: "I remember the Orwell House disco having a distinctive aroma which was a blend of liberally-applied Brut 33 and the whiffy old camo nets used to break up the dining hall's somewhat spartan outlines!”