The 1975 VIth Form Revue - Andrew Campbell - Corners 68-??


Roger Evans - Corners 68-75:“Aha, and be damned if I remember what we reviewed - or even what the Revue was.”

Peter Norgrove - Berners 68-75: “I remember the big finish to the tune of 'Tomorrow belongs to me' from ‘Cabaret’. It started: 'We're leaving on Friday and we won't return; the rest of our lives we'll be free"...... It was the end of School Revue we put on for the pupils: a sixth form tradition.”

Andrew Campbell - Corners 68-??: “I remember wearing half a white plastic football on my head to impersonate a certain bald member of staff!”

Simon Crees - Berners 68-75: "We started with ‘wilkommen’. I was prostrate on the piano in a pair of tights! The only time I have worn them I hamster to add!!"

Siggi Halling - Johnstons 71-75: “?!”

Mark Frost - Hansons 70-77: “Would anyone like to fill in the blanks regarding the missing full names? Some of them I know (being at the end of my 5th form) but my memory needs jogging for the others. Andrew Campbell. Presumably the bald head wasn't Bailey as he had left by then? Smokey Joe Robinson maybe? The esteemed deputy Head Mr Hudson, although doing a caricature of him would have been difficult to say the least."