Staff Cars of the 1970s - Mark Frost (Hansons '70-'77)

At last a quiz some of you (once) long-haired, flare-wearing OBs have been waiting for! We have heard about Leslie Johnston in the 1950s and his penchant for vintage Rolls-Royces, but other staff had to put up with more humdrum conveyances. Below is an assortment of 1970s rust-bucket beauties just waiting to be matched to the correct WHS staff member.

They are not in the correct colour and I cannot swear that there are no errors, but I have tried my best.

Some staff had two of the cars pictured, and if anyone knows of an omission please feel free to post it. I have also put on a couple which I recall at WH but I am not absolutely certain of their ownership.

So, please state staff member (not necessarily teachers), car make and model for full marks. Apologies if these are before / after your time, but there are probably a few ‘decade overlaps’.

If anyone wants to compile a 1950s, 1960s, or 1980s set all the better (before and after my time).

Get all 18 right in one attempt and the Golden Anorak Award is yours!